Teaching Team

Dr Payal Verma

Dr Payal Verma

Dr Payal Verma has had a brilliant academic record. She has completed her Ph.D. (Chemistry), M.Phil. (Chemistry) and M.Sc. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) from various reputed Institute. She has taught PG/UG classes since last seventeen years. A keen researcher, she has published many research papers in various National and International journals.

Mr. Anil Nayak (HOD - Commerce)

Assistant Professor, M.Com. (EAFM), NET, SET
Experience - 12 years

Dr. Navneet Swami (HOD - Science)

Assistant Professor, Ph.D., M.Sc. (Biotech.), NET
Experience - 7 years

Mr. Hanuman Mal Sharma (HOD - Arts)

Assistant Professor, M.A. (Hindi), NET
Experience - 8 years

Mr. Manoj Kumar Swami

Assistant Professor, M.A. (Political Science), NET
Experience - 12 years

Mr. Chandra Prakash

Lecturer, M.A. (History), NET
Experience - 8 years

Mr. Gaurav Joshi

Lecturer, M.Com (ABST), NET, CMA (Inter).
Experience - 3 years

Ms. Priya Saini

Lecturer, MSc. ( Botany)
Experience - 1 year

Ms. Radhika Lohiya

Lecturer, M.Com (Business Mgmt.)
Experience - 2 years

Mrs. Darshan Jain

Lecturer, M.A. (English Lit.),
Experience - 2 years

Mr. Siddharth Anand

Lecturer, M.Sc. (Biotech.)
Experience - 1.5 years

Mr. Tirupati Rakshak

Lecturer, M.Sc. (Physics)
Experience - 2 years

Ms. Manisha Chotiya

Lecturer, M.Sc. (Maths)
Experience - 1 year

Mr. Kishor Darji

Lecturer, M.Sc. (Chemistry)
Experience - 1 year

Ms. Vritika Nagpuriya

Lecturer, MA (English Lit.)
Experience-1 Year

Mr. Pradeep Dubey

Lecturer, MCA (Computer Appli.)
Experience-1 Year

Mrs. Sangeeta Shastri

Librarian (M.Lib.)
Experience-3 Years